Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day One -- Volleyball Bump

The first day of classes is always exciting, many think classes are going to be very short and just have papers handed out, not in 255! We jumped right into teaching lessons to our peers, I enjoyed getting right to the point to give a feel for what the semester is going to be like. My partner Maria and I used the volleyballs to teach a volleyball bump. After practicing how to approach teaching our peers the skill, it was our turn to go. The introduction went smoothly, we both had loud and clear voices. Although another group had already taught the skill, we tried to use different aspects of it. After demonstrating how to hold your hands and direct the ball, the class split up and practiced with a partner. I made sure to challenge the class to see how long they could keep up the volleyball with their partner and to keep count of it! It was a short lesson, for the the whole class was teaching as well, so the closure was very basic by checking for understanding and getting the class involved with the game of volleyball. I look forward to using different materials and ideas for more teaching!