Friday, November 14, 2008

Explorer Scavenger Hunt -- DJ + Freddie's Lesson

This lesson was very creative and had plenty of technology! The use of the cell phones, heart rate monitors, pedometers and now the blogs, certainly implies tons of technology. All 3 domains were hit, I enjoyed making our own flag in the beginning to establish our team creativity and symbol. The explorers were a great idea (nice hat Freddie!), but the information and visual aids for the explorers definitely could have been larger. What I take from this lesson was the idea of cell phones for scavenger hunt clues, with the popularity of cell phones it would be great to use them for fun for a lesson. The bad part about the cell phone use is due to all the messages going to one phone, it took much longer to get the clues out, which cuts out on some activity. We were definitely active throughout the whole hunt, running from the field house to the stadium and back got our hearts pumping! This was a very active lesson, gave us knowledge on explorers and had some creativity, I most definitely will keep this set up for a lesson in mind for future lessons.

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