Thursday, October 30, 2008


Time for tinikling again! This time around I focused generally on the free foot in the tinikling dance, which is the foot farthest from the side to start the dance on. If you were on the left of the sticks, your left foot would be free to intiate the first cue of out, then the left foot would be the solid base, and same goes for start on the right foot. Another important thing I emphasized was to always have the hands behind the back and eyes up. While I was demonstrating the free foot, my back was to the class, which was not good at all due to my eyesight was not focused on the class. It is difficult to perform a dance using all the opposite cues instructing to mirror the class, I guess that will simply come with practice. The class broke into groups and practiced being strikers and dancers, and the fun part about this lesson was the MUSIC! They got a feel for the style music that is used for traditional tinikling, but it can be modified towards the hip hop category. My idea is to possibly have the students choose a song to perform a tinikling routine next time!

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