Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well Lab C has begun, everyone is ready with their professional attire and watches on the wrist, and ready to teach international games! Maria and I decided to use Tinikling, an art of dance from the Philippines. It has a very catchy beat to it provided with two bamboo sticks and simple footwork. For my seven minutes of the lesson, I focused on the beat, using the cues "Together, beat beat, 1, beat beat, 2, beat beat, etc". We are not using the sticks yet, but the collective sound of the group by using their hands and kneeling on the floor was very good. It is very similar to our "We will we will TEACH YOU" beat, which I noticed towards the end of the lesson. I then divided the group in half into strikers and dancers, the strikers are responsible for the beat, while the dancers were responsible for the footwork. I placed each group on opposite sides and was able to see if the dancers could keep up with the 10 beats of the strikers. It was difficult at first, but once we had a leader to the beat, it went smoothly. The last part of the lesson I had 2 people from each group (strikers and dancers) team up together and practice. I set each group up the exact way they would look in a Tinikling routine, just without the sticks. Once each group practiced and got a chance to be a striker and a dancer, it was time to wrap things up and keep the anticipation going for next class! Overall, I feel Maria and I did a great job for the first part of this lesson due to we just learned it as well!

Here is an example of Tinikling:

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Stephen Yang said...

Nicely done with all of your new posts! I really like your video links too.