Thursday, December 11, 2008

CAST -- Cortland Adapted Swim Team

Every Wednesday night this semester, I had the wonderful experience to work with the Cortland Adapted Swim Team. This certainly made me grow as a professional in my career and as a person. Each week I worked with a boy named Jacob who was autistic and ADHD, he was a wonderful little boy and a great swimmer! Each week we worked on refining his strokes, he was very talented in freestyle, which he preferred to swim mostly. It was a challenge at time to get his attention and keep him on task, but after a few weeks I got to really know how to manage his workouts. It was great to work with Jacob and along with the rest of the team, if I was not so busy with softball next semester I would definitely continue with this and I suggest it to anyone who is looking into the Adapted Physical Education field!!

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