Tuesday, December 2, 2008

LAB D - Jump Rope For Heart Workout

Whoa! Where did this semester go? Did we all really just complete Lab D? I thoroughly enjoyed doing this lesson due to a great signal of attention. I felt my music was highly important for the flow of the lesson and to keep the students motivated to work hard on their cardio activity. I was very anxious to begin my lesson, but had to wait to go last, which is never fun. The focus of my lesson was to have the high schoolers refresh their jump rope skills or learn new ones to assist with the following week of Jump Rope For Heart at the Local Elementary School. The workout consists of 8 stations lasting just about a minute each with different jump skills at each, I felt my visual aids were awesome with the cues and picture demonstration. Every time the music changed, the rotation occurred. Although the music was great, I could not travel very far throughout the gym because I had to keep changing the song every minute. This led me to not noticing two students leave and jump in the hallway, which was embarrassing but once I noticed I handled the situation properly and made the students follow me and begin at the closest station. I failed to notice Danielle not jumping the whole time, but eventually I told her to try hard for the kids and the cause. It was time to wrap things up and of course I ended with good ol Nsync- Tearin Up My Heart, which was a great ending (right Professor Yang?). I think Professor Yang especially like the Nsync and flow to the music. I liked using the music and heart rate monitors as my technology, I must compile all my information together to see how well the class did with the workout, but I definitely saw hard work and a lot of sweat, which is always good! Especially at our age and the high school level, everyone takes care of their weight and jump roping is a great start....MORE CARDIO LESS LARDIO!!!!!

This Feedback Analysis Form definitely shows how much my teaching has changed since one of the first lessons, my first lesson I only gave feeback to one student, now I ALMOST go the whole class!!

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